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Plan your calendar as you plan for a trip...

~Winston Churchill~

“Plans are of little importance, but planning is essential.” 

Goal Mind Mapping sheet

Still not set on your goals? Try this mind mapping worksheet.


I encourage you to mindmap on a regular basis - or whatever is

your style.

Video - Path

Are your tasks keeping you from staying on

your path?

Work Sheet

Use this to help you focus on the tasks that will lead you down the right path.

Day Calendar Ex and   

7  min. productivity    page

Printable daily calendar sheets & a 7-minute recap/productivity Coincides w/Video - Core Values

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Routine = Productivity

This word list coincides with the Video - Core Values.

How Are Your Boundaries?

February is known as being the

month of love.  


It is just as important for you to love

yourself as it is to love the people in your 

life you care about.  


Sometimes the boundaries can get

fuzzy in relationships.


Are your boundaries



Take this QUIZ to find out.

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