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Stop the Busy Start

Being Productive

Video - Busy  vs  Productive

Intro Video:

Busy VS Productive

Productivity Worksheet

Get clear on what you want to achieve. Change the headings to fit your needs.

Goal Mind Mapping sheet

Still not set on your goals? Try this mind mapping worksheet.

Reflect '18 Worksheet

In order to plan for the future, we must reflect on the past.

Video - Time Blocking

Intro into Time Blocking - 

Basic concept & tips

Video  Pt 2  - Time Blocking

More tips to time blocking - it really is that important to being productive.

Clear  Core Values...

Help decipher the urgent tasks, speak to your passions, to your purpose, & who you want to be defined as.

Video - Core  Values

Have you stopped & really thought about your Core Values?  Here's why you want to.

Core Value Word List

This word list coincides with the Video - Core Values.

2019 SIMPLIFY.png

Day Calendar Ex and   

7  min. productivity    page

Printable daily calendar sheets & a 7 minute recap/productivity Coincides w/Video - Core Values


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A Personal Manifesto is a bit more involved than a vision statement.  A personal manifesto clarifies not only our goals but also your values - what's really important to you.  It's a great benchmark to align your goals with.

Bonus Material - Year Planning

If you need some ideas for how to get started on your Personal Manifesto here are some thought joggers.


What do I stand for? | What are my strongest beliefs? | How do I want to live my life? | How do I choose to define me? | How you’ll treat your body. | How you’ll spend your money. | How you’ll spend your time. | Do you view failures and mistakes as a stepping stone?What is your passion{s} in life? | What changes do I need to make so that I can live my best life? | What words do I want to live my life by?


Another tip break down your life into 4 areas: Family | Health | Finance | Career 

focus on each area then it can be brought back into one.


In December 2018 we worked on our personal manifesto, here is a video with follow-up thoughts from the first one.

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